It was a month after the accident that a reporter from the Shukan Shincho came to interview me for the first time.

From the beginning, his attitude was extremely rude; he treated me like a murderer, repeatedly stating, “Regarding your collision…”
Of course I stressed the fact that “I was the victim,” but no matter how much I would say it, he showered me with accusations. His aggressive behavior frightened me.

Insincere attitude in the court
The behavior of Shukan Shincho reporters was the same in court. Their arrogance and insincerity – recalling their behavior still makes me angry. How many times I felt like screaming in the courtroom, “Stop your nonsense!”

For those working for Shinchosha, lawsuits are part of their job. They do not have to worry about time nor costs. On the other hand, my wife and I are ordinary citizens. We fought for three years and eight months, taking a leave from work and finding ways to finance our legal fees.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court ruled in our favor, but the compensation was only 1.1 million yen. This was far from adequate. In addition, Shinchosha has neither expressed any apology nor given any acknowledgement of what happened. In short, they have not reflected on their behavior at all.

Shincho lawsuits still coming
Shinchosha lost 10 lawsuits in 2003 alone. My heart pains when I think that almost every week, there are people suffering because their human rights have been compromised. I would like to stress: Never forgive Shukan Shincho. Shinchosha must deeply reflect on its behavior and apologize to the victims of its groundless rumors.

Nobuyuki and Eiko Shirayama
Letters of encouragement sent from all over the nation to Shirayama
Shirayama reporting to his supporters after his victory in court

Letters of encouragement sent from all over the nation to Mr. Shirayama