What kind of incident was it?
It began with a fictitious story told by an elderly woman, Nobuko Nobuhira, and carried by the Shukan Shincho newspaper in February 1996.

Nobuhira alleged that SGI President Daisaku Ikeda raped her.
Nobuko Nobuhira, a former Soka Gakkai member from Hokkaido, Japan, had attempted to extort money from the Soka Gakkai. When that attempt failed, Nobuhira and her husband Junko began to fabricate stories about the Soka Gakkai. Politicians and members of the media that had enmity toward the Soka Gakkai collaborated with the Nobuhiras to create the uproar.

The couple later filed a civil lawsuit against President Ikeda, but the Supreme Court condemned the lawsuit as a malicious “abuse of the right of action.” Their conspiracy ended in failure.

The Nobuhiras’ money issues come to light and they are dismissed from their positions in the Soka Gakkai.

Nobuko Nobuhira, known for her clothing sprees

“Group of Nobuhira’s victims” website

Junko Nobuhira, known for his gambling. The Nobuhiras cheated elderly women out of huge sums of money
The Nobuhiras submit a letter of resignation to the Soka Gakkai.

Junko Nobuhira files a suit against the Soka Gakkai requesting damages; the case is dismissed in April.

In an attempt at extortion, Junko Nobuhira makes seven threatening phone calls to the Soka Gakkai Headquarters.

Audio tapes of Junko Nobuhira
Junko Nobuhira’s abusive language: “You shit heads. I'll strike you dead. I'll get you, you shit heads, even if it kills me. I'll make cripples out of you, you assholes.”

Masatomo Yamazaki, reporter Mamoru Kadowaki of the Shukan Shincho newspaper and members of the Communist Party of Japan hold a year-end party.
  December 30
Nobuko Nobuhira’s article anonymously appears in the Akahata newspaper (published by the Communist Party of Japan.)

Nobuhira’s article in the Akahata newspaper:

two months prior to publication in the Shukan Shincho newspaper, Nobuhira’s article appeared in the organ paper of the Communist Party of Japan.

The Shukan Shincho newspaper carries Nobuko’s groundless article.

Reporter Kadowaki of Shukan Shincho
False rumors created by the Shukan Shincho newspaper:
Reporter Mamoru Kadowaki gives detailed instructions to Nobuhira on how to generate and spread rumors, hold press conferences and file lawsuits. Based on witnesses and first-hand accounts, “Media Terrorism,” written by Eiichi Yamamoto, reveals the entirety of this plot.
  February 23
Nobuko Nobuhira holds a press conference

Okkotsu and Nobuko departing from a hotel
Masatomo Yamazaki
Co-conspirators in spreading falsehoods:
Masao Okkotsu, a journalist known for his articles critical of the Soka Gakkai, was the emcee for a press conference. Masatomo Yamazaki allegedly created leaflets spreading the Nobuhira allegations.

June 5th
The Nobuhiras file a civil lawsuit: a press conference is held for further publicity.
May 30
Tokyo District Court dismisses the Nobuhiras’ claims as an “abuse of the right of action.”

Tokyo District Court (top)
Press conference after the 1st pleading (bottom)
January 31
Tokyo High Court upholds the Tokyo District Court ruling.

June 26th
The Supreme Court dismisses the Nobuhira’s final appeal.