The Tokyo District Court condemned the Nobuhiras’ claim as an “abuse of the right of action.” The Nobuhiras’ “true nature” was exposed as base and rude.

For example, the court condemned Junko’s words as “violent and abusive,” “so brash and forceful that it not only makes one suspicious of his personality and character, it could also be considered blackmail.”

The Nobuhiras caused numerous money problems for others, who eventually filed suit against the Nobuhiras. While in court, Junko submitted a falsified certificate that the court pointed out could not “be overlooked as proof of the plaintiff’s attitude towards abusing procedures of civil action.” (See below)

Regarding the Nobuhiras’ filing a suit, the court further condemned them stating, “Based on common sense, it leaves one questioning why they went thus far. The only clue comes from the plaintiffs’ personality and character.”

A falsified receipt
The receipt Junko presented to the court in a lawsuit pertaining to his loans was falsified. He changed the amount of money (from 35,000 yen to 75,000 yen) to show that he had paid back more money than he actually did.

“Group of Nobuhira Victims” chronicles the activities of the Nobuhiras in their bulletin and homepage. (

Secondhand clothes Nobuko Nobuhira forced a victim to purchase in order to offset her borrowings. Nobuko spent a large amount of money on clothing.

A gambling maniac, Junko Nobuhira is well known for frequently visiting a cycling stadium.