A “draft” of a letter
The Nobuhiras stated in court that Nobuko was “removed from her position in the Soka Gakkai because she sent a letter protest regarding the rape incident.” As “evidence” of this, she submitted a “receipt of a registered mail” and “a draft of a letter.” (See picture).

In response, the Soka Gakkai submitted Nobuko’s actual letter with the same “date” and “acceptance number” as that receipt --- in short, it submitted the “real letter” which Nobuko submitted to the Soka Gakkai Headquarters. The court also recognized this letter as authentic. In other words, Nobuko fabricated the “draft” after the fact.

A medical certificate
The Nobuhiras claimed that an injury was caused in the “incident of 1983.” They submitted a medical certificate from the doctor.

However, the date was two months after the date of the so-called “incident.” It was discovered through a deposition that the certificate had nothing to do with the “incident.” Another of the Nobuhiras’ distortions was uncovered.

A written statement of an expert opinion of a tape
Shortly before the “Shukan Shincho” article was to be published, the Nobuhiras made a blackmail phone call to the Soka Gakkai. A tape recording of the call was heard in court.

The Nobuhiras brought forth a written statement from a voiceprint expert, Mr. S. of a research center, who claimed, “The voice recorded on the tape is a different person.”

The Soka Gakkai requested Takao Suzuki, a former deputy director of the Science Police Research Center of the Police Department, a world authority in voiceprint, to review the recording. According to Mr. Suzuki, the statement from Mr. S had no scientific basis, and as such, Mr. Suzuki believed the tape of the Nobuhiras calling the Soka Gakkai to be authentic.