In her “false memoir” introduced in the “Shukan Shincho,” Nobuko Nobuhira stated the date and place of the “incident” as “August 19, 1983” at “a prefab cafeteria, Loire (within the Hakodate Training Center of the Soka Gakkai).”
However, it became apparent through an aerial picture taken in “August 1983” that the “Loire” did not exist. The court condemned the Nobuhiras’ claim as “lacking in factual ground.”
In June 1982, the “Loire,” a prefab temporary facility, was built (right). Using an aerial picture (center) and a photo within the training center (left), it is clear that the prefab did not exist after August 1983. (It used to be within the white circle, but clearly now does not exist.)
Lies about the “incident in 1991”
Regarding the date of the “incident in 1991” Nobuko changed her claim each time she was driven to a corner from “between August 16th to 18th,” to the “17th,” and finally “18th.”

However, through photographic evidence, it was proven that Nobuko was not at the scene from the “16th to 18th.”

Also, regarding Nobuko’s picture taken within the training center at that time, the court could see that she wore “a smile indicating it was unlikely Nobuko Nobuhira was injured.”
Solid proof that contradicts the lies
The radio gymnastics (left)
Nobuhira is seen well and sound without any injuries during a radio gymnastics on the “18th” when she claims the “incident happened.” This picture contradicts her story that her “clothes were ripped in pieces.”
Commemorative picture (right)
Nobuko smiles (third from left) in a picture taken on the “18th”. It’s hard to believe there was an “incident.”