Masao Okkotsu
Okkotsu, who proclaims himself a journalist (center), created a controversy by publishing a book with Asaki’s death as its theme
Masao Okkotsu positioned himself as a journalist and used that influence to sell groundless stories to the weekly tabloids. In May 1996, he published a book titled “Kaishi” or “Mysterious Death,” using Akiyo Asaki’s death as its central theme. The book, however, was fraught with error One example: he wrote in an early section of the book that he interviewed the branch manager of Mos Burger – the man who discovered Asaki’s body. Later in the same book, however, he wrote that he had not interviewed him. Okkotsu later admitted in court that he had not met with the branch manager. To be sure, it became clear through the trial that he lacked knowledge of basic facts surrounding the case, including “who was at the scene of (Asaki’s) death.”

Council members Hozumi Yano and Naoko Asaki
Publications including “How A Demagogue was Created,” by Toshiaki Sakura, which examine the “Higashi-Murayama Demagogue Incident” through detailed interviews
Council member Hozumi Yano is known for filing lawsuits, and the court recognized him as “extremely peculiar.” In this particular case, he collaborated with council member Naoko Asaki (Akiyo Asaki’s daughter) to file lawsuits against: the owner of the store from which the elder Asaki shoplifted clothing; the vice chief of the Higashi-Murayama Police Department; and the Minister of Justice. In each instance, Yano and Asaki lost in court.